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Architectural trip to Manchester with ArtchitectoursManchester is without a doubt a city of contrasts. Buildings by famous architects, luxury hotels, in a mix, are transforming the old industrial city in a mix that is more homogeneous than it seems. In almost every corner we can see the harmonious contrast of Victorian brick and new glass, or even more sophisticated materials.

The geographic characteristics of the city, its climate and proximity to the Liverpool port were important factors in its development as the first industrial city in the world. During the Industrial Revolution, Manchester changed radically. The gothic cathedral and the medieval urban framework were hidden under bricks, chimneys and warehouses. At Exchange Square plaza there stills stands houses from past eras among the industrial and modern buildings, making it possible to see this superposition of layers.

The new Manchester is still in the reconfiguration process, which we can see on our tours guided by an architect. For example, the old docks of Salford, a satellite port city, are being transformed. Daniel Liebeskind has built the Imperial War Museum there. The Urbis by Ian Simpson has 5 floors with free exhibits and has become a reference building. Other unique buildings are the Bridgewater Hall auditorium, Hollings library and the Lowry (cultural center, by Michael Wilford). Calatrava also designed a bridge in the city, the Trinity Bridge. Nearby, Ian Simpson has built the tallest tower in the city, the Beetham Hilton Tower. This office for architects has been managed by urban planners La City. Several of their works can be seen in the city.

Manchester has much to discover and on our tours guided by an architect we offer you the opportunity to enjoy this unique combination of old and new. 


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