Artchitectours Events

At Artchitectours, we organise conventions, incentive trips, exhibitions, receptions, product presentations and seminars on architectural topics upon request. Whatever your interest may be, we can contact renowned architects and designers to discuss specific issues related to architecture, art and design in each of our destinations.

Architectural Events Agency

Try us for your events, workshops, presentations and seminars on architectural topics, upon request.

We will take care of the integral management of the architectural event, from contacting the most suitable professionals, to discussing and preparing the agenda, to booking the room, hosts, accommodation, gala dinner gifts, transport and complete event management.

Educational workshops for students or the general public to learn the basics of architecture and capture the architectural approach of each building or activity. We understand architecture as a way of thinking and we want to communicate that to our participants.

Support for architecture competitions

If you are planning to organise or participate in an architecture competition, a good idea is to explore and study the field and relevant issues involved during your preparatory work.

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