We present you some sample destinations:


Artchitectours Trip ChicagoNew York is the architectural icon of the 20th century and a must-visit for anyone who’s interested in architecture.

Chicago emerged from the economic depression and has become a model city in the U.S. Impressive public spaces and magnificent buildings await its visitors. Enjoy its richness accompanied by our architect and emerge yourself in the Cosmopolitan culture and its architectural innovations.

Chicago doesn’t just offer skyscrapers like the Sears Tower. There are also impressive buildings that unite the subtle mix of Baroque, Art Deco, Neo-gothic and contemporary design.

Frank Lloyd Wright coined the term organic architecture and open floor, in which we can see impressive spaces that flow from one room to another. This concept is evident in what are called “Prairie-houses” in Illinois. We can visit part of his main work and follow his footsteps in Oak Park, Illinois.


Artchitectours Trip Frank Lloyd WrightFrank Lloyd Wright coined the term organic architecture. The central idea is that building should be the stem from the natural environment. Another of his fundamental contributions to modern architecture was his knowledge of plant life, with which he created impressive spaces that flow from one room to the other. This concept is evident in what are called “prairie-houses” in Illinois.

After living in various locations, he settled in Taliesin, Wisconsin, where he built his own house and a studio-school inspired by teacher-student relationships. We can see part of his main works and follow his steps through the United States. Along the way, we will see building by other masters like Mies Van der Rohe on a tour that will take us to Illinois, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania.


Artchitectours Trip San FranciscoLos Angeles is an architectural kaleidoscope. Here we find example of many different styles and eras, with great contrasts. From Googie architecture, to daring buildings by Frank O. Gehry, to residences by Richard Neutra, to more innovative architecture by Morphis, etc.

Due to its interesting and defiant geography and topogrpahy, San Francisco is internationally known for it’s ecclectic Victorian architecture as well as other icons like Coit Tower, Palace of Fine Arts, Transamerica Pyramid, Academy of Sciences, etc.


Artchitectours Trip MexicoThe main objective of this trip is to visit the work of Mexican architects, without forgetting the traces of the Aztecs. We will focus on new buildings by contemporary architects.

Luis Barragán was one of the most important Mexican architects of the 20th century. His work was refining a language in which we find elements of Maghrebi and African architecture. Ricardo Legorreta’s work is based on the proportions of intense color and the conviction of structural and architectural elements. We will take a guided tour of Mexico City and the surrounding area; Guadalajara and we will stop at other important sites like Toluca, Teotihuacán and Tlatelolco. We will give you a global overview of a good portion of the country through its architecture, not forgetting the historical, cultural and gastronomic aspects.


Artchitectours Trip BrasilThe architectural trip to Brasil is composed of 4 important Brasilian cities where you can appreciate the country’s diversity. From the countryside to the city, from colonial villas to one of the most important metropolises in the contemporary world. From beaches to waterfalls, from the cuisine of Bahia to the refined gastronomy of Sao Paolo, from the tropical landscape of Rio to the ecovillage, world-recognized for its ecological and architectural sustainability.

Our goal is to provide an in-depth Brazilian experience, in terms of the architectural, anthropological, historical, artistic and natural aspects of the country.

To make your trip as extensive as possible, we propose São Paulo, Brasilia, Salvador de Bahía and Rio de Janeiro, with the option of an Ecocourse excursion in Pirenópolis.

Artchitectours will guide you to discover unique and fascinating architecture in the U.S.A., which has some of the main architectural work in the world!

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