Architecture trips with ArtchitectoursSome of our destinations include: Asia, America, Europe, and the Middle East. We are available for you for any other destination you suggest. 

Artchitectours offers excursion packs for professionals, with a focus on current events, in multiple countries. The duration of our tours and visits vary from a few hours to 2 weeks.

Experts in different countries will show you the best current architecture and will help you to experience architecture, design and art of all varieties. Artchitectours has a vast network of local partners, with fluency in various languages. 

Our cultural, study, professional and thematic trips go far beyond a simple holiday. We are architects, specialists in architecture and design; our architect guides will accompany the group and organise the technical explanations consistent with the needs and interests of each group. 

Our international contacts support the group with discussions of local architects and designers at the destination, with presentations on urban design, construction and studies on buildings. 

We work with travel agent prices and provide a technical tour to learn and enjoy the most architecturally interesting cities on the planet. 

In this catalogue, you can see a selection of destinations suggested for your group by Artchitectours. You will find from longer trips to other continents to short trips in Europe or the rest of the world. They are designed as an example that can be adapted to your group’s needs, according to dates, the number of participants and their specific needs. 

Don’t hesitate to suggest another destination and we will organise it for you and your group. Ask us for an estimate for your trip, no strings attached!

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